Happy Birthday to You

Birthdays are very special days for everyone as this day brought them in this world! Celebration of this day is an inevitable thing. There are different people with different religions, lifestyles, cultures and different civilizations. Each group of these people celebrates this beautiful day according to their traditions. This celebration of birthday gives you a way to thank God for his great blessing upon us to give a life in humans in this world.

We are providing you our best birthday wishes to wish your family, friends, relatives, closed and loved ones. Here is a huge collection of all types of birthday wishes, messages, sms, quotes and poems to wish this beautiful event with this unique birthday wish for Happybirthday11.com visitors :

Happy Birthday Categories:

Birthday Event: Here is a brief discussion about birthday which contains its short history and reasons to celebrate this beautiful day.

Birthday Wishes: The words which express our feelings for beloved ones to celebrate the beautiful event and time when they came in this world.

Leap Year Birthday Wishes: Here are some special Leap Year Birthday wishes for those persons who have their birthday on 29th February.

Birthday Messages: Short texts which we say to friends and relatives to recall the time when this world was blessed with their birth. When we are away from them we just pick mobile phone, type sms and send to wish them all the best.

Birthday Sms: Wish closed and loved ones to express emotions, sentiments and prayers at this special day for their birth through Birthday Sms.

Funny Birthday Messages: Funny Birthday messages show our deep love and frankness to our friends to ensure them that on this lovely event he or she will not be bored  by the formal wishes but these messages will create smile on their faces.

Funny Birthday Wishes: Funny birthday wishes enhance the charm and joy at birthdays of our beloved ones.

Birthday Quotes: It tell us the philosophy of birth that how a person comes in this world and how he leads his life and in the end, he has to depart from this world; leaving those people who used to smile at his successes.

Birthday Sayings: Here are some  birthday sayings for you to know the reality of birth.

Happy Birthday Wishes: Wish your family, friends, closed and loved ones with these happy birthday wishes.

Birthday Greetings: Birthday greetings are the charming words told to our dear ones to show our love for them, especially on this event which is very special for every human. Our words and greetings make this event more cherished and lovely.

Birthday Ecards: E-card is a romantic way to wish birthday to a loved one.

Birthday Poems: Poems are the lovely thoughts and most effective way for anyone to show and express that how much he or she is loved and cared and  how much we are anxious to wish them their special day of birthday.

Birthday Prayers: Birthday prayers are the sweet words and noble wishes which are asked to God for their happy life especially on the lovely event of birthdays so that new year of  our loved ones be started with our special prayers.

Birthday Lines: Here are different ways and sentences with which Birthdays can be wished.

Birthday Wishes for Family: Wishes for your family members birthdays with deep sweet prayers.

Wife Birthday Wishes: The person who is considered most lovable in one’s life is no doubt wife, here are some attractive birthday wishes for this special person.

Husband Birthday Wishes: Personality which cares and helps more than any person in a wife’s life is husband, to wish and say happy birthday to this great personality means a lot. So here  are some greetings dedicated to Husbands by their wives.

Sister Birthday Wishes: After mother the most caring personality is sister.To wish this nice personality birthday to show respect and love to her, here are some humble and lovely wishes.

Brother Birthday Wishes: The most supporting person after a father is no doubt brother, here are some wishes and prayers to say this great personality happy birthday.

Son Birthday Wishes: Sons are the most precious gifts of nature, to wish them happy birthdayhere are some special greetings.

Daughter Birthday Wishes: Daughters are fairy creatures of nature, to wish these sweet personalities birthday here are dedicated some sweet greetings.

Friends Birthday Wishes: No doubt friends are the special assets of one’s life.To wish birthday here are some deep wishes.

Lover Birthday: The person without whom we can’t even imagine to live, here are heart touching birthday wishes for lovers.

Kids Birthday: Kids are the most beautiful gifts of God, to wish babies birthday here are some gorgeous wishes.

Father Birthday Wishes: Best Birthday wishes for father to wish them this sweet time.

Romantic Birthday Wishes: Here are some romantic birthday wishes and greetings.

Romantic Birthday Greetings: Send romantic birthday greetings to wish your dear ones.

Birthday Cards: Here is a great collection of birthday cards for you.

Corporate Birthday Wishes: Here is a collection of corporate birthday wishes for you.

Celebrity Birthday Wishes: Here you will find birthday wishes for the Celebrities.

Boss Birthday Wishes: Here is a set of Boss Birthday Wishes for you.

Coworker Birthday Wishes: Coworkers are very important in practical field. Here is a collection of Coworker Birthday Wishes for you.

Formal Birthday Wishes: Here is a nice collection of Formal Birthday Wishes and Formal Birthday Greetings.

Official Birthday Wishes: Here are some Official Birthday Wishes for you.

Girlfriend Birthday Wishes: Here you will have Birthday Wishes for your Girlfriend.