Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Family and Friends

I wish this year bring for you countless reasons to make you happy and feel blesses. May your life be a bed of roses!

Happy Birthday to you

Birthday Card

Birthday is a measure of the love people have for you and this my sweet prayer for you that more and more people get together around you to say you happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to You

Make intentions, collect your power and blow heavily your cake candles, all of your dreams are going to come true dear!

Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake
Your noble personality makes your loving and so you have rights to have all wishes come true, it’s my prayer you go higher and higher.

Happy Birthday

Your deeds and gestures show the kindness of your soul. You are a sign of peace. May this special day bring for your ease, love and loving days in your life! Wishes come true for a person like you! So, ask Allah for everything and He will bestow your with everything your deserve.

Happy Birthday

Birthday Poem

Finally the special day arrival has arrived and your wishing time starts now, I wish you lovely warm birthday first of all. Accept my these special bouquet of prayers.

Happy Birthday

This given life is the most precious thing in the world and for me in this world your closeness is the thing of honor! And to join you on your birthday provides me a sensation of great happiness!

Happy Birthday my Dear

Birthday Wishes

I wish you this great day full of gifts, noble wishes, sincere prayers and amazing surprises, happiness and fun.

Happy Birthday to You