Happy Birthday Poems

Poem for birthday wish on cardIt’s your day

Allowed to do everything

Want to tell you

We care for you

Everything is for you

The things which we can give you

Prayers and wishes

Our heartiest gift for you

To keep you happy and healthy

You mean a lot to us

Feelings are indescribable

Expressions are notable

On the day

You are one year older

We are always with you

At every stage of life

Sad or happy

Your companion of life

Your friends of life

Can afford everything for you

In hurdles and ease

Will not let you alone

Same as we are with you

On your birthday



This beautiful day brings happiness

Furnishes your life with loveliness
Inspires us to pray for your success

Always remain with us

Will make your life cherished

Will celebrate your birthday at its best

Just to make you happy and happier

By wishing and giving cute presents

Your birthday is coming to wish itself

A long, healthy and happy life

Same as we are wishing you

The day of your birth

Happy Birthday Dear


Time by time


Stage by stage

Though away from each other

A friend like you

Always remains close to heart

The friend of good and bad

We are side by side

Especially days of importance

Such as our birthdays

We can never forget each other’s day

Singing a song

With a theme and sound of

Happy Birthday to You


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