Philosophy and Importance of Birthday Event

Philosophy of BirthdayBirth is the first start of everything. All the things present in this world have their start and there was a time when nothing was present and this earth was totally bald and barren. But when God intended to be known then He created this world and showed people His beautiful signs to see them. So, He created Adam and Eve and sent them on this earth. In this way the first persons to have time on this world were Adam and Eve both.

This was the first time when human being came in this world. Both of them increased their children and now you can see that this earth is full of different people. This entire miracle is due to birth. The importance of birth is obvious from above discussion. Now all human beings want best of their time to pass in this world during their lives. No one can enjoy life alone and solo. All people need company of others to pass time and live life. So, God bound us in different types of relations to make our lives more happy and livable. Then He developed different desires in our hearts to fulfill them. Now everyone is struggling to realize those wishes.

But some days are specified by God to us, which we need not to search and look for. These are our religious days, national days and local traditions and rituals but which thing is common to all type of people is celebration of Birthday.

So the most important day is day our birth, birth of our family members, relatives, friends and other familiar ones. All above days provide us a source to share our feelings, our love and a way to get us together and closer. Birthdays have different ways to celebrate and wish each other. Some people wish through special and precious gifts, some with birthday cards and some with sweet text wishes and beautiful prayers for happy long beautiful life for the born person.

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