Sweet Birthday Wishes

Sweet birthday card At last, the day arrived

For which, you waited restlessly

Now, don’t hesitate

Be happy and go on smiling

Make merry and have fun

Wish you a lovely birthday

Happy Birthday to You


Birthday the source of happiness

Awaited by you

Now needs to be welcomed by

You, your family and friends

I’m also availing the opportunity


Wishing you sweet birthday

Make sweet memories on this birthday

Happy Birthday to You


Smiles, laughing and pleasure

Are gifts from your birthday!

For you, your family and for us

Receive our noble wishes

For wonderful birthday now

And happy days ahead

Happy Birthday to You Dear


Birthday an announcement

And gift From God for you

To have happy year ahead

Start this year with great celebration

Accompanying our birthday wishes

Have an awesome birthday

Happy Returns of the Day My friend


Sweet pink and black birthday card

As you gets older

Candle lights on your birthday cake

Says in your ear

Your coming year will be

Brighter, happier and lovelier

Have hundreds of candle lights

On your birthday cake

Happy Birthday Dear


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